Friday, September 12, 2008

The Old and the New

Let me first apologize, again, for having gone so long without updating. I am now getting back into the swing of my studies and have more inspiration for writing but less time in which to do it. Hopefully I will begin posting more frequently. For now, though, I would like to announce a second, conjoined blog called Pray for the News. It struck me this morning as I read about the potentially devastating impact of Hurricane Ike that I should pray for the people who would be affected by the hurricane, to pray that God works in the midst of the storm and protects the people, and that the hurricane might lose most of its force. It further occured to me that I almost never think to pray for the many situations badly in need of prayer in the news. By regularly highlighting one news story, I hope that I can be used to help draw attention to the importance of prayer for the many tragic and potentially tragic situations in the world, that we might band together in prayer and see God do great things.
It should be encouraging for us to note that so far neither the Georgian-Russian conflict nor Hurricane Gustav were nearly as horrendous as they might have been, and that I think can be largely attributed to God's sovereign work through His people's prayers.
Furthermore, in addition to our prayer, maybe some of us will be moved to use our resources to become involved in God's answer to these prayers, by providing relief, aid, money, medical care, and more to those who are hurting.
Let's get going.